Company Questions

Who owns Muscle Hauling?

Muscle Hauling is co-owned by Ethan Kemp and Billy Eisenhauer. Both are life long Leesburg residents completing their final year of high school. Muscle Hauling as their main source of tuition payment. To get in direct touch with them use any contact links across our website.

How long has Muscle Hauling been providing junk removal?

We've been taking jobs on for a little under a year now as of March 2023. We've completed 100+ jobs within that year while actively scaling it by the day with both employees and clients.

Why should I choose Muscle Hauling?

We have a strong understanding on the importance of professionalism and proof of work with contracting. To stand out from the other options available and build our brand credibility, we provide cheaper and better alternatives. As a company, we strive for quick and effective service delivery and building long lasting client relations - mainly being a "word of mouth" business.

Service Questions

What services does Muscle Hauling provide?

We provide local residential/commercial junk removal, e-waste-disposal, yard waste removal, junk car removal, hoarding clean-up, house move ins/outs, light demolition, appliance instillation/assembly, recycling, and much more.

What equipment is used in the moving process?

We utilize two 7x14' trailers for the majority of our jobs, complemented by covered trailers for the safe transportation of delicate items or on larger scale moves.

How long does it take for jobs to be completed?

We always try to get jobs done as soon as possible from the scheduling date. So far, we've been able to complete almost all of our jobs within the next day. However, jobs vary widely in difficulty and length, but we guarantee no later than 7 day turnaround.

Does Muscle Hauling insure damages?

We obtained licensing in the state of Virginia for general liability insurance, covering upwards of 5 million dollars in persons/property damage.

What areas does Muscle Hauling work in?

We provide local servicing to the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. area. Mainly working in Loudoun County and neighboring counties.

Does Muscle Hauling provide free quotes?

Yes! Use any of our contact forms for a free job quote. Online and in person consultations are available.